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In order for you to excel in your sport and be pain/injury free we want you to be as healthy as you can be and have your body functioning at its best. So how can we do that?


Welcome to our Motion Fit Athletics program. Our practitioners running this program have been trained in the same exact Movement Efficiency Testing system ran on several major professional sports teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, as well as professional athletes in all other sports including PGA and UFC. It is the most up to date Sports Science testing system of Human Performance. Every walk of life can benefit from this test and get insight to how their body is moving and performing. 

Through our system we provide the most complete testing, analytics

and programs that improve movement, prevent injury, optimize

performance and enhance recovery. Once we have gathered all the

details of your movement efficiency then we can build a custom

program for you to stay in optimal shape and prevent injuries

from happening. 

What to Expect:

  1. Initial intake questionnaire and Movement Efficiency Test. Also If done in our clinic we will be doing a Computerized Spinal Surface EMG scan and a Computerized Gait Analysis. 

  2. Detailed Report of Findings breaking down your body's biomechanics and whether or not you are susceptible to an injury. We will let you know what your imbalances are in flexibility, movement and strength between the different sides of the body. 

  3. Based on your findings we will provide you with a solution. From here, we can build a custom program that is targeted to improve movement and reduce injury. Or if you pass with flying colours and there is no concern of future injury we can work on specific sports performance or strength and conditioning to help you take your sport to the next level.

  4. All of our programs are custom built for you and you will have access to the exercises via a mobile app on your smartphone or computer. 

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