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Watch video about Fusionetics and the Movement Efficiency Test

Fusionetics began in 2013 with one simple mission: Reduce individuals' risk for injury. This mission was made possible by scientific evidence and a series of tests created to identify the body's strengths and weaknesses. One of the tests is the Movement Efficiency Test which attempts to identify fundamental movement patterns that are simultaneously measure range of motion, stability, and balance. This is a comprehensive approach to assess human movement and encourages clinicians to look beyond local pains and isolated single joint motion while exploring more comprehensive movement patterns representative of those used in daily activities and sports.

"The Fusionetics Movement Efficiency test was designed to look at the entire kinetic chain from head to toe. It's important to look at all the elements of the entire kinetic chain to get a comprehensive view of overall body movement efficiency." - Darin Padua, PhD, ATC

During a Movement Efficiency Test, observations are made to an individual while performing a series of movements and any abnormal movement patterns or dysfunctions are recorded. The Movement Efficiency Test identifies any weaknesses in various areas of the body including the foot, ankle, knee, hip, trunk and shoulders. These movement dysfunctions represent muscle imbalances caused by decreased flexibility, muscle weakness, and unbalanced muscle activation patterns. One benefit of the standardized testing over time it assess and identify any movement dysfunctions that may arise within an individual.

Fusionetics is an evidence based technology-enabled performance healthcare system designed to test, score and create unique training programs for any active individuals from ages 8-88. From this technology, individuals will benefit from improved performance, decreased risk of injury, enhanced recovery and increased durability.

"We took all the research, we took all the education and we took all the clinical practice we had with our clients and we put that into Fusionetics. We really call Fusionetics: Simple, authentic solutions to help individuals get better. We want them to move better, perform stronger and recover faster and give them the same technology that professional athletes are using." - Dr. Michael Clark

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