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Movement Matters - Get Tested

Built for every body, our athlete testing platform is designed to help individuals understand, monitor and improve performance in athletes across sports. We provide technology and services that standardize and mobilize testing, analytics and programming across sports medicine and high performance categories.


Nearly half of all sports injuries are caused by overuse and non-contact incidents. These injuries are preventable if specific risk factors are identified through testing and proper training programs are used. 

Sports Injuries Happen

  • 53% - of young athletes have some type of injury each year.

  • 75% - of all lower extremity injuries are non- contact.

  • 65-80% - of lower extremity injuries can be prevented by improving movement.

Largest Risk Factors for Non-Contact Injuries Are:

  • Previous injury History - 29.5% of individuals that tear their ACL get re-injured,

  • Poor Movement Efficiency

  • Poor Posture

  • Improper warm-up

  • Improper training

  • Lack of Recovery

  • ROM/Movement Efficiency

  • Physiologic/Metabolic

The Problem

  • 66% of all sport injuries are to the lower extremity with a high majority (75%) due to non-contact

  • Most lower extremity injuries involve decreased movement efficiency

The Solution

The solution is implementing a systematic process to prevent injury and optimize performance. Fusionetics provides the first platform in sports science that allows each user to collect, manage and monitor athlete data and delivers targeted evidence - based intervention strategies to make each athlete better. 

  • 65-80% of lower extremity injuries are prevented by improving MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY

  • Over 50% of medical costs are reduced in teams that implement INJURY PREVENTION PROGRAMS

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